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Media Looks to GBKH on Litigation Surrounding Controversial Texas Abortion Bill

On August 22nd, The Austin Chronicle quoted GBKH Partner Russ Horton in a story on Whole Woman’s Health v. Lakey, a federal lawsuit challenging House Bill 2, the controversial abortion bill passed last year by the Texas Legislature. Though they initially denied any relationship, theChronicle reported that several of the expert witnesses testifying on behalf of the State of Texas prepared their testimony with the help of Vincent Rue, a national anti-abortion advocate who was paid $42,000 for his services in the case. Russ pointed out that witnesses are perfectly free to work with consultants like Rue, but that “the ethical problem arises from relying on someone’s work product or allowing someone to shadow-draft your report, and concealing it from the court.” U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel is expected to rule on the case by September of this year.

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