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In Memoriam: Nan Hazel

Nanneska-N-HazelOn April 30, 2020, we lost Nan Hazel to leukemia.  Nan retired from the firm a couple of times, mostly recently in November of 2018, but remained a dear friend and advisor to us all of her days.

Nan worked with us for two decades. She worked hard for her clients, often not billing them for the time she actually spent on their cases. She wrote better than probably any one of us. She helped research. She helped us reduce our wordiness. She went with us to hearings when we needed her support. She made sure no one worked alone in the office late at night. And she improved our grammar, even taking emergency calls from us on word issues long after she retired for the final time.

But mostly, she made us laugh.

We loved Nan deeply.

Nan showed us what it means to love others. She loved her church, her choir, her Education for Ministry family, her sons, her daughters-in-law, her grandchildren, and her husband, Pat. We watched her care for him and wear his wedding band on a chain around her neck to her final days. And we know she loved us because we felt it in her friendship both in and out of the office.

Nan was a deeply good person, an invaluable lawyer, and an irreplaceable friend to this firm and to so many others. We love that we had the great privilege of working with her and miss her terribly.

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