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Fiduciary Litigation

An individual or business entity that has fiduciary duties has ethical and legal obligations to uphold. When a person or entity is placed in a position to act in the best interest of another, a fiduciary relationship may arise. When a fiduciary fails to act within the bounds of the role or fails to properly perform duties with reasonable care, a fiduciary dispute may arise.

There are many roles that involve fiduciary relationships. Guardians, corporate directors and business partners, personal representatives, executors, lawyers, agents, and trustees all have fiduciary responsibilities. Disputes may arise alleging a breach in the relevant standard of care involving:

  • A financial advisor mismanaging funds
  • Business disputes involving corporate officers or between business partners
  • Mismanagement of land trusts, including those related to the Texas oil and gas industry
  • Special needs trust misconduct
  • Financial fiduciaries, including banks and other institutions, improperly handling funds
  • Abuse of a power of attorney
  • A fiduciary engaging in self-serving or acting with a conflict of interest

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