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Financial Fraud Litigation

Financial fraud cases are not limited to misconduct involving securities. For instance, contract disputes may be based upon fraud and misrepresentation. When an individual relies on deception for personal gain in a business or in an individual transaction, the financial harm that results from the misconduct can be profound.

The partners at GBKH are seasoned lawyers who practice exclusively in litigation. Senior attorneys are directly involved at every stage of the litigation. We represent individuals, small and large businesses, governmental entities, as well as trustees and receivers with diligence. Our law firm is nationally recognized for our professionalism, our accomplishments, and our exceptional advocacy.

We are committed to diligence at every step. We are intentionally designed as a boutique litigation firm to provide exceptional legal representation in each case we accept. Discovery, case development, establishing compelling arguments, and the presentation of our clients’ best positions are all handled by a senior lawyer who is deeply familiar with the case.

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To arrange a confidential consultation with a member of the firm, call our office in Austin at (512) 495-1400 or send us an email using the online contact form. In many types of cases, we prefer compensation arrangements that align our financial interests with those of our clients.

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