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Oil and Gas Litigation

Oil and gas production plays a significant role in the overall Texas economy. Along with the substantial benefits that the oil and gas industries provide for businesses and landowners in Texas comes the high potential for disputes concerning oil, gas, and mineral rights.

The Eagle Ford Shale underlying a large portion of south Texas, the Barnett Shale in the Bend Arch-Fort Worth Basin, and the Permian Basin in western Texas provide abundant natural resources. Landowners benefit from the development of the oil and natural gas resources. However, disputes frequently erupt concerning the rights and expectations related to oil and gas contracts.

Oil and gas litigation requires substantive knowledge of the law, deep familiarity with the industry, and substantial experience in dispute resolution. Members of George Brothers Kincaid & Horton LLP are deeply skilled in investigating oil and gas disputes and zealously representing clients in oil and gas disputes. Royalty payments are a common area of dispute in Texas oil and gas law matters. Surface damage and real estate litigation are also areas of concern.

Our law firm is recognized as a premier litigation resource for resolving complex high-stakes disputes. Senior attorneys work directly on each case we handle. We take pride in zealously guarding the rights of our clients with goal-oriented legal strategies aimed at maximizing the outcome for our valued clients. We often enter into alternative compensation agreements with clients as we recognize that a firm’s value is best measured by its results.

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