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Architect and Engineering Errors and Omissions

Architects and engineers have a duty to perform their functions with reasonable care. Failure to follow building codes and safety regulations in the design or review of a structure may lead to professional liability. Architects and engineers who are under contract to perform professional services have a duty to perform under the terms of the contract.

A design flaw resulting in a structural defect is a common problem in architectural malpractice cases. If an architect or engineer is hired to review and inspect a structure for soundness in a real estate transaction, errors or omissions in an approval may result in physical or financial harm to a buyer.

Professional liability cases against architects, engineers, and design professionals involve problems with a structure. Unlike other forms of professional malpractice that involve services, a defective physical structure involves a form of product. Architectural and engineering error cases may involve allegations of breach of contract, breach of warranty, or negligence. The resulting harm may include financial damages or, under tragic circumstances, a personal injury claim.

Members of George Brothers Kincaid & Horton LLP have a long record of prosecuting professional malpractice claims. The skill sets required to analyze and present a case in a breach of the applicable standard of care are clear strengths of the firm. Our lawyers have deep knowledge of the substantive issues, the relevant standard of care, and are accomplished trial attorneys who know how to build a winning case.

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