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Accounting and Auditing Malpractice

Individuals and businesses of all sizes can suffer significant financial harm from accounting or auditing errors. Accountants are required to follow General Accepted Accounting Principles in performing professional functions. Auditors must follow General Accepted Auditing Standards in rendering services. A breach in the standard of care can lead to significant financial harm, including tax liability, for businesses and individuals.

Members of the law firm of George Brothers Kincaid & Horton LLP have a long history prosecuting accounting and auditing malpractice claims. Our lawyers have deep knowledge of the law in professional liability cases.

A nonexhaustive list of the issues in financial malpractice cases may involve:

  • Negligence in preparing securities offerings
  • Negligence in providing tax advice
  • Tax preparation or filing errors causing significant harm
  • Failure to detect defalcations
  • Failure to detect fraud

Our financial acumen and experience in business and commercial litigation fortify our skill set in handling auditing and accounting malpractice cases. With decades of litigation experience behind the firm’s members, we are well-equipped to pursue justice for clients who have been harmed by mistakes of professionals entrusted to manage the books.

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